Friday, November 1, 2013

congrats dear me!

alhamdulillah for the result. ive been given another opportunity to be one of the dl again. like seriously i am so happy with it and kinda proud of myself as i can prove to my parents that i still can achieve something great eventho i am not studying in oversea. alhamdulillah again and a mountain of thanks credited to those who always helping me, motivate me and grab me when i'm down. thanks to the lectures also but yeah i am not so happy actually with the previous lectures. cause some of them is not fully hearted teaching us and some of them very favoritism and i dont like it. it makes me lose respect towards them and indeed lose interest to studying the subject. when i am in second semester ive got b where as others got a in that subject. it is obviously favoritism. urgh i hate it and the current semester which is third sem ive got that kind of lecture again but alhamdulillah i manage to get an a. so pls those who read my post right now, maybe you be a lecturer soon and hopefully you bare this in mind. when you teaching student or even your friends. pls be honor because you are gaining something that people doesn't. teach them with all of ur hearts so they can easily understand it and never do the favoritism! it makes them sick and hate you. you never want to know how much the hatred grow. you may not realize but it may be affected ur son or daughter. remember Allah always hear and see. He will granted awards to those who have effort and tawakal. He also will give some lesson to those who behave like one. and lastly pls be honest while you doing ur exam. here i want to mention that its not the result that matters. your honesty towards it is most matter because the result you get now is the money you will gain later when you get a job. are you willing to give ur children eat with the money you cheated back then? think again, you may see the "cheated thing" as a simple or small matter but guess what. you are soooo wrong. pls changed because ive changed too. ive cheated soo many times back then but i do realize and changed. you still have time so no worries. Allah will always forgive those who ask for it. hehe sorry for the craps and congrats who manage to get good result and try harder to those who may not get what they aim for. tq and do forgive me!

just pls dont lie to others and yourself. those who cheated you dont deserve the result at all.
it is not yours, it just your name while the idea is from others. pls dont do it again

still have time to change. love ya xoxo.

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