Tuesday, October 15, 2013

sort of "muhasabah diri"

how to have a good english grammar ha? hm so jealous with those who have a good vocab & grammar & also the accent. instead of me talking rubbish while using broken english if the "mat saleh" read up what i wrote here they must be pretty enjoyed laughing. i ask my mom as she is one of my english teacher when i'm in primary school. she said that i must always read english-novel. read & read. haiyooo the problem is i am lazy ok. i'm not a book worm type la whom hanging around with books 24/7. blergh. and she also ask me to go and watch english forum on youtube. with that i know the right pronunciation & their grammar are good too. but hm here we go again. i am not that diligent la. so the conclusion is effort is a must to gain knowledge. btw to gain something you must lose something right? for example, you must sacrifice your holiday fun. hm 

"without struggle there is no progress"

so yeah insyaAllah. if there's a will, there's a way kihkih

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