Monday, April 29, 2013

Cc : heartbreaker

This is special to those heartbreaker.......

If they are leaving you, don't be sad hve a positive mindset.
It happen cus Allah want it that way. Maybe it is bcus your are
 far from Him, so he make a way for you to come near. Its easy.
The world is not end yet. If you have Allah, you have everything.
So no worries fellas ^^

Be a strong girl with a strong heart!

"Cintai Tuhanmu dahulu dan akrablah bersamanya dengan jalan-jalan yang ada. Bila kau menjaganya, Dia akan menjaga kau nanti. Mudah-mudahan akan Dia titipkan seorang yang lebih bagus untuk menjaga kau suatu hari nanti." - iluvislam

We never know bout the future. So do trust Him :)

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