Friday, November 16, 2012

Theres always hope.

I just read one blog to another dis whole day and its all about israel-gaza. It build up my interest to discover what actually is going on but still i dont get it. O Allah what will happen to my dear relatives at gaza? Will they remain strong to protect our Al Aqsa Mosque from Israel? Do Arabs still ignoring the crying people? When will the war ever stop? Theres too much to ask. As for me that just have a little knowledge about everything i just can simply pray for them. Deep inside my heart i know theres always a wisdom in each of every scene. Muslims will once stand unite and fight for the truth. But when? O Allah the most merciful i beg you to simplify everything. Strengthen our iman and do pledge our prayers. It just too hurts to see the pictures of innocent people keep on dying everyday. O Allah i beg you. Just pls save them from Israel.

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