Friday, November 30, 2012

Hello and goodbye

Hi assalamualaikum. Hm after this its hard for me to update blog cz currently sem 2 is just started. Nahh i am too sad as i need to go back to Merbok! I AM TOO SAD! Like seriously since i'm in form 1 i already stayed in hostel till now and ergh why i can't endure this over-sad-feeling. Its not like kedah and perak is too far dat i can't go home if i want to just em maybe i feel sad cz the fact dat i'm far away from my dear mum and dad. Urgh i will miss 'em like crazehh. I will miss my mom's cooking, the moment we ate together, watched football match with my dad, slept at 3 or 4am cz watched RM, adam hawa and one piece. Hm my life is too relax isn't it? I am so so lucky to hve a wonderful mum! She never asked me to do anything but like seriously even if you're not told to, you must spare a hand to help aite? Hm whatever it is, pls stay healthy dear love. I love you. So much. And dear sweet journey friends of mine, I can't wait to see you all. You're the most important person after my family hikhiks. Ah will miss my comfy bed! Sobs sobs ok enough with all the sad thing. Pray for me. May this sem will end up with a great and best feeling ever. Er if you know what i mean hehehe. Goodnight! My tears already dried up as i'm writing this post haha. No more 24/7 online no more stalking 'work'. Dear you-know-who i miss you alot. Stay healthy and may Allah bless you. 

Goodbye RM, i'm definitely enjoy watching you!

They are my partner in crime! They always make my day memuah 
love you much sweety :*


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