Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bit by bit

Assalamualaikum wbt. Hey how do you feels today? Good? So lets say Alhamdulillah as our gratitude to Allah the Almighty :) Today em i want to share something ekceli. Something that i used to ignore eventhough my ustazah had always remind me n my friends bout it. Daily zikr! I bet all of you now the daily zikr aite? 

Em when i was in Bainun, everytime we hve PI in our little 'surau'. Eh is it PI? Ergh ok I had already forgotten the name dat we used to call it so pls let it be hehehe. Hmm everytime we hve PI, we must gathered in surau and prayed dzuhur jamaah but sometimes ustazah or ustaz will give some talk before or after the prayer. My ustazah always asked about today zikr and i was like 'erk apa eh?' Ah so shameful but on dat day like seriously I still can manage a smile. Smile? Argh what was i thinking back then =.= So here we go lets recite our daily zikr as many as you can though. And oh as I blogwalking I read the benefits of reciting surah mulk. So its my pleasure if you would like to read the benefits here. Hopefully we can recite the ayah everytime before sleeping. Oh so i think thats all from me. Fi amanillah :)

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