Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Forgive me,

Nowadays mood swing tu perkara biasa bagi aku. Haha entah kenapa lah kan. Esh i need to learn to care about others feelings. Sampai bila org nak ikut aku je kan? Sampai bila diorg tahan dgn perangai aku kan? Oh bkn diorg. Dia! Behave lily or then you will regret. Phewww what a life. I will try. I will. He is important to me. I dont want to lose him. Not again. I am definitely not ready to messed up with my heart. K what a cliche word. Inysaallah theres nothing to be worried about. May Allah lighten us with his barakah. Amin.

Whatever it is, keep your head up and stay strong :)

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