Monday, May 28, 2012


' I have boyfriends , one of them is Iman . Dulu Iman have left me since
I was in Jahiliyah . Alhamdulillah , now Iman semakin bertapak di hati saya .
Saya janji saya jage Iman baik baik . Iman jangan tinggalkan saya lagi :') '

I found this quote on my newsfeed fb . it is from my senior and she is one of my doormates in 2010 . dulu dia sangat emm kewl . sangat otai . hehe . and yah dia same je mcm remaja lain . enjoy our life like theres no such thing as sins . hmm then surprisely she changed . a lot ! but i do love the new her . it quite impressive . i just emm i really adore her . i want to be like her oneday . i want to post a status about islamic . i want to discover islam deeply . i want to understand the whole quran . but hmmm i wonder when . it must be great to be that way . doakan saye boleh . iman saye nipis :')

some tips for yah . berubah lah sikit demi sedikit :)

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