Thursday, March 29, 2012

My sweetie pie :)

Sweet kan mak abah saye ? Hikhik , suka tengok diorg dua berkepit . Alolo comel jea dating . Hmm dear blogwalkers , doa kan mereka dua panjang umur okay ? Siyesly , I can't live without 'em . Please :') Kalau ajal boleh di atur , saye akan mintak nyawe saye di tarik duluu . Tapi yahh I know . Semua dah di tetap kan sblum kite lahir lagi kan ? Tapi saye tak boleh imagine , my single day without them . Tak boleh dan tanak imagine punn ! TANAK ! Saye sayang diorg lebih dari saye sayang diri saye . They worth it . Mommy , please forgive the one and only dother you have . I know if I've gone to other places without company from our relatives your heart will beat so fast like you're running 10 kilometres . But honestly mom , I'm good . I'm safe :) Dun worry too much . I know you love me and hey mom , I love you too . Please take care of your health .

Err and tolong jgn marah saye pasal mnde kecik . Saye sensitip lah mak :')

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